EAGLE-EYED shoppers have noticed something rather strange about the “essentials” range at Waitrose.

The upmarket supermarket has been branded “posh gits” for pushing products that seem anything but essential.

On the Overheard in Waitrose Facebook page, amused customers have hilariously responded to one of the basic products – ironing water.

While most shoppers would see bread and milk as staple grocery items, many are laughing at that fact that the supermarket giant is promoting these items as “essentials”.

Customers have taken to Facebook to ridicule the “essentials” line, which includes tiramisu and spinach and ricotta tortellini.

But the 1-litre bottles of scented ironing water, price £1, has sent the firm’s critics into a frenzy.

Vicki Clark joked: “One drinks it with gin and a slice”, while Pippa Bagnall added: “And after you can have your essential profiteroles as a reward.”

Another witty shopper couldn’t resist jibing: “These poor folks staff must use water in their iron?!? How crude. We use the tears of a thousand women’s institute members.”

Although the majority of customers were in uproar over the item, others sprang to Waitrose’s defence.

Rowena McNulty said: “In the 1970-80’s I remember my father having to go to the ironmongers for distilled water for the iron.

“I understood it to be essential as tap water damaged the iron long term. But it was never bloody chamomile scented.”

Virginia Batty agreed: “It is! Makes ironing sooooo much less of a chore.”

In 2009, Waitrose introduced their essentials range to target middle class customers.

While the range does include some grocery staples, including eggs, milk and pasta, it’s safe to say that not all of the items are crucial buys.