Full steam ahead: Women are ironing flat out for 215 miles while men manage just 73 miles in a lifetime



It is a statistic that may get housewives across the nation hot under the collar.


Women do an average of 215 miles of ironing in their lifetime – the equivalent of eight marathons – according to a study.

That works out at 3.5 miles or two whole days of ironing every year.


While it’s full steam ahead for the ladies, it seems men have more pressing matters to attend to.

They manage just 73 miles of ironing in a lifetime.

A poll of 3,500 adults also found that 45 per cent of men deliberately do a shoddy job with the iron in the hope that someone else will take over.

And a quarter of men confessed that they still got their mothers to do their ironing.

The poll also revealed the average person will iron 20 bits of clothing every week, including four pairs of trousers, 15 tops or shirts and a piece of underwear.

A spokesman for appliance maker Tefal, which carried out the study, said yesterday: “It’s staggering to learn just how far we iron in our lifetime. But it’s time for blokes to do their fair share.”

“The fact we push our irons an arm-aching 215 miles really puts it into perspective.

“Ironing is part of our weekly chores and how well you iron and how your shirt looks can influence first impressions.”

According to the survey, 3pm on a Sunday is the preferred time for many to press the bulk of their clothes.

A quarter of those taking part even said they found the task therapeutic.

One in five even admitted they enjoyed ironing, using it as an excuse to get away from their children, husband or wife.

However, more than half of those polled also admitted they had ruined clothes because of their lack of ironing skills.